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Coleco ADAM Computer System

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Introduced: June 1983
Original Price: $600 (quickly increased)
CPU: Zilog Z-80
Memory: 64K RAM, 32K ROM, 16K video RAM
Operating System: Built-in word processor and file manager
Input/Output: Separate keyboard; built-in high-speed cassette tape drive, 512K capacity; 80-column daisy wheel printer; Colecovision compatible cartridge port; two joysticks with numeric keypads
Resolution: Unknown, 16 color capability
Bus: ADAM bus, 3 slots
Other Items in Collection: A few program tapes, original documentation, floppy disk drive in original box
Items Needed: SmartBASIC tape, other software, disk manager diskette

The ADAM was also available as an add-on system to the Colecovision game console. It had a very brief production run, and was discontinued in late 1984.

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