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  1. Why save old technology?
  2. Are all of these items really in the Computer Closet Collection?
  3. Is the Computer Closet a retailer / Is this stuff for sale?
  4. Where can I find a certain classic computer?

Why save old technology ?

For the same reason people collect and restore old automobiles, or houses, or paintings. Technology, especially items that represent the transformation of America from an industrial to an informational economy, is an important part of our cultural heritage and must be preserved. Plus, many of us actually used these computers, and played these old video games, when they were new. Many younger people are discovering this heritage for the first time.

The Pyramids of Egypt seem wondrous and impossible for a primitive society to have built.  If the plans and tools from that endeavor had survived, we would know how it was done. Soon, the Internet will be taken for granted, and a generation will not be able to envision life without it. It's something of a cliche today that some of the greatest developments of the twentieth century took places in garages, but that's the truth. The results of the microcomputer revolution, and the stories behind it, can serve to inspire new generations to create the future in their garages.

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Are all of these items really in the Computer Closet Collection ?

Yes. There are lots of sites on the net that are simply a bunch of "found" pictures, but all of the images here in the Computer Closet are of equipment we actually have in the collection.

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Is the Computer Closet a retailer / Is this stuff for sale ?

None of the Collection is for sale.  From time to time, the Computer Closet may acquire duplicate items that we use for trade purposes only, but we are not a retailer (see next question).

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Where can I find a certain classic computer ?

You might start with the Classic Computers Mailing List, a discussion group full of like-minded individuals.

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