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Apple II

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Introduced: April 1977
Original Price: $1298 with 4K, $2638 with 48K (board only with 4K, $598)
CPU: 6502, 1 MHz
Memory: 4K-48K (3 banks of 4K or 16K RAM), this unit has 48K installed
Display Capability: Text 40 characters by 24 lines; graphics 280x192 4 color, 40x48 16 color
Operating System: BASIC in ROM
Apple DOS
Input/Output: Composite color video output, built-in speaker, joystick DIP jack on motherboard
Other I/O options on cards
Bus: Apple II bus, 8 slots
Other Items in Collection: Full documentation, Apple DOS 3.3, ProDOS, disk controller card, 80 column card, joysticks, monitor arch, Apple 9" monochrome monitor, Apple Super Serial Card, two Disk II drives, various programs on diskette

The Apple II was Apple's first production computer system (only a handful of the Apple I were built) and was the first computer that shipped with built-in color graphics capability. Though popular relative to other contemporary systems, the market at the time was small, so few original Apple II's were produced by today's standards. The II was replaced by the Apple II Plus, which sold even more units; then by the Apple IIe, which was more popular than all previous models combined.

Apple Advertisements

Here are some classic advertisements for the Apple II. Click a thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture.

"Introducing the Apple II. You've just run out of excuses for not owning a personal computer." June 1977

Apple ads are copyright Apple Computer Corporation. Depicting obsolete products, not used for profit, withdrawn on request. Apple II and related products are trademarks of Apple Computer Corporation.

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