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Smoke Signal Broadcasting Chieftain

See below for specifications and information on this system.

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Specifications and information

Introduced: 1979
Original Price: $2595 with 32K RAM, two serial ports, 9 slot motherboard, and two 5.25 inch drives
CPU: Motorola 6800, 2 MHz
Memory: Card based, expandable to 64K RAM
Operating System: ROM Monitor
Input/Output: Serial, Parallel SS-30 cards
Resolution: NA
Bus: SS-50 (CPU, memory expansion, disk controllers), plus SS-30 (I/O boards such as serial and parallel)
Other Items in Collection: NA
Items Needed: Software, documentation

The Chieftain was essentially a clone of the first 6800-based SS-50 bus computer, the SWTPC 6800.  The system's case is covered with an imitation leather, in keeping with the American Indian theme.

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