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Kaypro 10

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Key Dates: Announced 1981?
Original Price: $2795 in 1982
CPU: Zilog Z-80A
Memory: 64K RAM
Operating System: CP/M
Display: 80 characters by 24 lines, text only
Input/Output: Internal 10MB hard disk; internal 5 1/4" 394K floppy disk drive; serial port; detachable keyboard; built-in 9" green monochrome monitor
Bus: None
Other Items in Collection:  
Items Needed: Documentation

The Kaypro 10 followed the Kaypro 2 and was similar apart from the internal 10MB hard disk and single 394K floppy disk drive versus the Kaypro 2's dual 191K drives.

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