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Byte Computers Byt-8

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

CPU: S-100 card (8080A installed)
Memory: S-100 card (4K RAM installed)
Operating System: CP/M
Input/Output: S-100 card (no I/O currently installed)
Bus: S-100
Other Items in Collection: 4K PROM card (contents unknown)
Items Needed: Documentation

The Byte Computers' Byt-8 is a small, attractive S-100 mainframe with front panel. The front panel does not require any special interface card, it plugs directly into the S-100 bus.

The power supply is extremely simple, consisting of only a transformer and three capacitors. The case is hardly larger than the S-100 cards themselves.

Byt-8 Inside View:

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