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Apple Macintosh ("Mac 128")

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Introduced: Announced January 1984
Original Price: $2500
CPU: Motorola 68000, 8 MHz
Memory: 128K
Operating System: MacOS 1.0
Input/Output: Built-in 400K single-sided floppy drive, monochrome monitor, mouse port, serial port
Bus: N/A
Other Items in Collection: Proper mouse & keyboard, Documentation, MacOS System 1.0, misc. software, Microsoft MacEnhancer (I/O expander), original logo carrying case
Items Needed: External 400K drive

Originally called just "Macintosh", and later referred to as the Mac 128K, this is the original Macintosh computer. It was announced with the famous one-time-only Orwellian TV commercial during the 1984 Super Bowl broadcast.

The Mac 128 owes its existence to the Apple Lisa, which pioneered most of its graphical user interface features and other design touches (most of which were developed by Xerox PARC on a machine called the Star).

Original Macintosh 128 carrying case (note Apple logo at lower left, and "Macintosh" luggage tag:

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